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New Patients at Sykes Family Chiropractic

doctor talking with patientWe look forward to welcoming you to Sykes Family Chiropractic! There is nothing you need to do to prepare for your appointment except come in ready to learn more about how your body works!

Your First Visit

When you arrive, Dr. Sykes will greet you and give you some new patient paperwork to complete while he verifies your insurance coverage. Then you’ll go to a treatment room for your consultation—this is your time, and Dr. Sykes will listen as you explain what’s going on with your health, what has prompted you to seek our care and what your goals are. Our patients are often surprised that they are truly listened to and heard, which doesn’t always happen in doctors’ offices.

Next, Dr. Sykes will explain a little bit about chiropractic care and how a properly aligned spine allows the nervous system to function as it should, so your body can heal and work at a higher level. He’ll answer any of your questions before moving on to your examination, which includes a posture analysis.

In most cases, patients receive a light adjustment at this visit.

Your Second Visit

At this visit, Dr. Sykes will review your exam findings and your posture analysis to see where your spine is in terms of “normal.” He’ll talk with you about how you felt after your first adjustment, and based on your feedback and exam findings, he’ll adjust you again.

Your Third Visit

Dr. Sykes prefers to work with a patient a few times before recommending their care plan. At this visit, he’ll check in to see how your body responds to your previous adjustments and then lay out his recommendations for care going forward. You can plan to be here for 20-30 minutes for each visit.

Get on the Healing Path Today

Take intment. We accept insurance, all major credit cards, HSAs and FSAs to make paying for that first step toward better health. Contact us today to book your first appocare as easy and convenient as possible. We also accept same-day and Saturday appointments!

New Patients at Sykes Family Chiropractic | (860) 349-0639